Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oops, they did it again!

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First, Dawn Marie Addiego attacks Italian-Americans (of which she is one),when she ran against Dean Buono. Now she is attacking Muslims. Freeholder Addiego, are all Muslims terrorists? You are a supposed lawyer, as such, you are sworn to uphold the U. S. Constitution. To jog your memory, in America you are innocent until proven guilty.

Tracy Riley, whom you Rudder and Haines (also a lawyer) attacked in your garbage mail piece is not a lawyer, therefore your BS statement of "If she goes to Trenton, will she really fight for tougher crime laws that could hurt her clients?" is not only misleading, but unethical and most likely libel, as you, Freeholder Addiego, County Clerk Haines & Mayor Rudder should know. Isn't one civil law suit for slander and libel enough for you Ms. Addiego?

Tracy Riley has spoken on the record that she is pro death penalty, therefore once again, you have lied to the voters with your statement of "Will she repeal death penalty laws for terrorists?"

My favorite part of your attack piece is "Now, Tracy Riley's Family's Law Firm Is Defending Him..." Really Mr. Haines? We know her mother is not a lawyer, her father was not a lawyer, her daughter is not a lawyer and Tracy herself is not a lawyer. So Addiego, Haines & Rudder must be talking about Mrs. Riley's husband; Mike Riley, whom is the only lawyer in the bunch. The only lawyer qualified to be appointed by the FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM to represent the alleged terrorist you speak of in your attack piece is Tracy's husband, Mike Riley. Ms. Addiego, you are not qualified to defend anyone, neither is Mr. Haines. You are both lawyers?... Addiego, Rudder & Haines keep padding their pensions with their County & Township jobs (like Mr. Rudder's father did for Martha Bark) and spitting out lies.

Let's add a little truth, because as we all know, the truth hurts...

Ms. Addiego has received most of her political contributions from developers (source ELEC). The truth is Freeholder Addiego "let's save the open space" is a developer herself, does Krystal Development mean anything to you Dawn. How about the Aurora (Aurora means the Dawn)room at the money sucking Indian Spring golf course you gave us. How about raising County taxes while lowering the rate and stating you've never raised taxes? We are not stupid, we can add. Your lies don't add up and we in Evesham are fed up with them.

Mr. Haines, where exactly do you live? Oh that's right, with your disabled brother whom doesn't pay property taxes. Our tax dollars certainly pay you enough money to actually buy a home and pay taxes like the rest of us.

Mr Rudder, last but never least, shall we hang on your head as you have tried to do to Tracy, through her husband, the past sins of your father. Through the BCIT with Senator Bark and her pension padding no show jobs your father made that possible? How does it feel Skippy to have mud slung at your family?

My advice to the Haines, Addiego & Rudder team is learn the Constitution you took oaths to uphold, without doing so, you are as guilty as the alleged terrorist. Your source for your attack piece was the Burlington County Times, even they think you are bogus. See their editorial below.

Politics by innuendo

Burlington County Times

The Republicans must think Burlington County voters are stupid.
How else to explain a misguided letter three GOP mayors leaked to the press this week?
In it, they challenge a candidate for state Assembly on grounds that her husband is representing a man accused in a failed terrorist plot against Fort Dix.
The heads of North Hanover, Wrightstown and New Hanover sent their letter to Tracy Riley, a Democratic councilwoman from Mount Laurel running for office in the 8th District.
It urged her to ask Michael Riley, a former Burlington County prosecutor, to withdraw from his court-appoint position as lawyer for Shain Duka.
Duka is one of six suspects in the case that came to light in May.
Five men, including the Cherry Hill resident, face life sentences if convicted of conspiracy to murder military personnel; the sixth is charged with weapons offenses that could draw 10 years in prison.
During an election in which Republicans here are being seriously challenged for the first time in decades, the mayors' missive smacks of fear and desperation.
We don't think voters are dumb. They will see through the innuendo and recognize this ploy for what it is: political maneuvering at its basest.
The mayors represent towns near Fort Dix. Their letter not only seeks Michael Riley's abandonment of the case, it also asks Tracy Riley — who works at her husband's firm — how she feels about such topics as abolishing the death penalty and cracking down on illegal immigration.
“... We feel it's imperative you answer some questions about how your penchant for defending lowlifes like this would affect decisions you make in the Legislature,” the letter read in part.

Mayor Lou DeLorenzo of North Hanover said he sent the letter to Riley and area newspapers from a fax machine at the North Hanover Municipal Building.
That means it went out on the taxpayers' dime.
His explanations that the letter represents public business on behalf of township residents ring hollow.
It's impossible to conclude this move doesn't play into the campaign plans of 8th District GOP candidates Phil Haines, Dawn Marie Addiego and Scott Rudder, who quickly issued a statement saying they agree with the mayors.
A fourth area mayor whose town is near Fort Dix was left out of the loop when it came to drafting the letter,
That would be Mayor David Patriarca of Pemberton Township. He's a Democrat.
The exclusion was an oversight, Mayor DeLorenzo said.
Pretty convenient one, we say.
Two points to remember in the fog of political war are the Constitution guarantees legal representation to every accused, no matter how heinous the crime, and a defense attorney has the absolute right to defend any client.
Trying to smear Tracy Riley because her husband is carrying out his country's constitutional mandate is a foolhardy tactic on the part of the mayors — and the Republican organization backing them.
“Quite frankly, these mayors need a civics lesson on what the Constitution provides,” said Joe Pinto, president of the Burlington County Bar Association.
They could also use a refresher in campaigning with integrity.

My opinion on the alleged terrorist, if found to be guilty, give them the death penalty or better yet, kill them and save the taxpayers money. An eye for an eye.

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Michael Martin said...

This post on Addiego's hypocrisy and lack of fitness for office is one of the best pieces of N.J. political writing I've seen in a while.