Thursday, November 01, 2007

Setting the record straight

Tracy Riley is the only Democrat and Female on Mt. Laurel Council. She was elected to this position by not only Democrats, but Republicans & Unaffiliated voters also. Tracy Riley is a moral, ethical person that believes truth is first and foremost in serving the residents of Mt. Laurel. Tracy Riley, while doing her job in private executive session for the taxpayers of Mt. Laurel was forthright and honest while discussing open space acquisitions. Unfortunately for Tracy, the All Male Republican council chose to twist her words and spin them into what could be construed the nastiest campaign in the 8th district ever. Tracy, not being a politician, was honest while speaking in private about a parcel of land in Mt. laurel owned by Fran Bodine’s wife, this was done in the interest of honesty and full disclosure. Tracy Riley could have stayed silent. The all male GOP wants you to believe that an honest woman like Tracy can’t be trusted. It’s pathetic that they must make up lies and distort the truth because frankly, they themselves have so much to hide.
Just ask Mr. Mouber, Mt. Laurel’s solicitor, the Mt. Laurel Republican Chair. I smell a conflict.

As for Dawn Addiego, the straws you are grasping at are pretty thin. Your fear of Tracy Riley is overriding your common sense. Glen will throw you to the wolves if you lose. Keep treading water and grasping at those make believe straws. Even a Federal Judge finds your actions despicable. “It's pretty despicable stuff,” Kugler said when Riley handed him the flier. “(Addiego) is a lawyer, and she certainly knew better.” (Talking about the terrorist flyer Source BCT) So continue to sling mud that can only come back to the GOP and their desperate attempts at winning. Tell Glen and Chris to get some new material. Bogus attacks garner law suits, will another be coming your way?

Do us a favor, stop the lies and act like a woman, not a desperate political hack. No one is buying the good old girl act anymore.