Saturday, April 29, 2006


1: the social force that binds you to your obligations and the courses of action demanded by that force; "we must instill a sense of duty in our children"; "every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty"- John D.Rockefeller Jr [syn: duty, obligation]
2: the proper sphere or extent of your activities; "it was his province to take care of himself" [syn: province] 3: a form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct; "he holds a position of great responsibility" [syn: responsibleness] [ant: irresponsibility]

It is the human condition to be a responsible person. All actions have reactions, either positive or negative.

Responsibilities of our elected officials from the President on down the line vary in magnitude, yet we all suffer the consequences or revel in the victories. It is our responsibility to hold those in power accountable for their actions or inactions. In order to indulge in this right, one must vote.

The recent school board elections in Evesham and all over the Tri-County area where held on April 18th. Incumbents where defeated, one retained the position and two new members will step up, I thank all that have served and are about to serve. For a non-paying position, the BOE is a very large budget and a heavy load to carry. All budgets where defeated in Evesham and now the budget cutting shall commence.

It is particularly annoying to me that defeated budgets, voted down by residents and taxpayers of this community still have the opportunity to stay whole and continue to choke the taxpayer. The defeated budget will now go to the Mayor & Council and if they are pandering to the schools they will give it a little trim and if they are pandering to a larger audience they will chop at least a penny. Next year is an election year in Evesham and it will be interesting to see the show. Who has the guts to step up and do the will of the people? It is the responsibility of the elected officials to abide by the will of those they serve. Too often elected officials forget they serve the taxpayer and residents of this town, not the other way around.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Connect the Dots

The “Coalition for Children’s Education” sent out a very expensive glossy mailer, produced by the Traz Group, (Ed Traz is the paid consultant for the Burl. Co. GOP) to the eight sending districts in the Lenape Regional High School district and the mail list also included all K-8 households. There are two separate signs paid for by this same “coalition” everywhere and there has not yet been one 48 hour report (a report that must be filed when large sums of money are expended within 48 hours of the expense) filed by the “Coalition” to Election Law Enforcement (ELEC). Between the mailers and the signs I can easily estimate that this organization has spent well over $35,000.00. Yes, this is structured as a PAC (political action committee). By law, reports are filed by quarter. The “coalition” was formed 1/27/06, meaning, by ELEC standards the next report (aside from the missing 48 hour reports) are to be filed April 15th. The significance of this is that the voting public will not know where all this money comes from (a housewife & an insurance salesman) until ELEC receives the reports and they are viewable to the public on or about April 17th or 18th. They are already in violation of ELEC law; maybe they won’t file at all. The Chairperson registered with ELEC is Theresa Madosky, listed occupation housewife. The treasurer registered is Jason DeMarco, listed occupation insurance consultant, both are Medford residents. Now that I’ve given you a little ELEC lesson, let’s connect the dots.

The following information was taken directly from the ELEC web site, no embellishments needed. The rest of the information is verifiable.


Theresa Madosky married to Steve Madosky.

Steve Madosky an “organizer” for the “coalition” is also a board member of the MYAA (Medford Youth Athletic Association) . Is it coincidence that the all Republican council gave the MYAA this year 700,000 dollars?

Jason DeMarco the treasurer for the “coalition” is also the treasurer for the MYAA.

DeMarco was paid by the GOP $40.00, check #8989 for the get out to vote effort

DeMarco also contributed to Rudder, Brown & Myers campaign on 10/24/05 $240.00 cash, it was returned back to DeMarco from the campaign on 10/26/05, ck. # 107.

DeMarco was also reimbursed 11/6/05 $41.50, ck #183, for the Dunkin Donuts he purchased for the GOTV effort.

Theresa Madosky on 6/1/05 gave the Burlington County GOP a contribution in the amount of $2500 and listed her occupation as retired.

Theresa was also paid by the Burl. Co. GOP a $40.00 ck. #9000 for the Nov. GOTV efforts.

Majaq Logo Productions received a check from the Burl. Co. GOP in the amount of $6,482.55 on 11/15/05. Steve Madosky owns the company.

10/13/05 Steve Madosky pretends to be a “concerned citizen” in a press release produced by Sean Kennedy for

Steve Madosky 5/15/06 contributed $500.00 to Friends of Jim Saxton for the 2006 Primary.

Sean Kennedy is a recent Medford resident.

Sean Kennedy is the ex GOP Executive Director and was let go after the November elections. He is presently being sued for slander, the case is still pending.

Kennedy now works for Maser Consulting Engineers and is lobbying to get contracts from the school districts for their 5.8 million dollar “turf fields” and Medford's fields.

Maser is apparently helping to fund this effort.


The average home with children has received 4 recorded phone calls from the Regional District and at least 1 from the local K-8 reminding the parents how important it is to vote to keep up the quality of education.

Joseph Fisacaro, Jr. the local BOE member up for election was given a job at a Regional HS.

His father Joseph Sr. is a Regional District board member.

Joseph Howarth, also a local BOE member, was given a job in the Regional District.

For the GOTV (get out to vote) effort by the Burl. Co. GOP in November of 2005, Howarth was paid $50.00, ck. # 9029.

Fisacaro, Jr. and Howarth also interviewed with the local Republicans for the open council seat in November.

Barry Fitzgerald also a local BOE member was paid at the same time a $50.00 ck #9023 and so was his daughter, ck #9024 for the Nov. Burl. Co. GOTV effort.

The local BOE tax increase this year is one of the largest ever, 10 cents.

Bonnie Olt, ex president of the local BOE changed her party affiliation to Republican weeks before the November election and ran under the GOP banner her campaign was paid for by the Burl. Co. Republicans.

Bonnie is now a Council member in Evesham and was so confident of her election victory she spent election week in Florida with her family. The Mt. Holly GOP and high paid consultants like Sean Kennedy and Ed Traz ran her campaign.

Families for Olt, is still paying campaign debt from the Nov. election and in December the Burlington County Young Republicans donated $4000.00 to help clear up her campaign debt.

Dan Hicks, the Superintendent of the Regional District actually showed up to Evesham’s council meeting 4/11/06 endorsing school tax deferrals.

The Traz Group does all political mailings for the Burl. Co. GOP and also did Olt’s.

Ed Traz, the County GOP paid consultant, produced the mail piece that went to all 8 sending districts and parents with school age children.

Traz’s office is directly across the street from the local administration building.

Mt. Laurel

John Jeffers, Regional Board member is also (former Burl. Co. Republican Chairman) J. Garfield DeMarco’s God child and works for the Bridge Commission with DeMarco. Mr. Jeffers was paid $50.00, ck. #9027 and $10.00, ck. #9059, for the Burl. Co. GOTV effort in Nov.

Republican’s fighting to raise taxes, filling coffers with PAC money, hooking up donors, getting contracts and using our children to further their political and financial agendas. This has nothing to do with “the children” and everything to do with partisan party politics. Draw your own conclusion, I just connect the dots.