Saturday, January 06, 2007

Simply Amazing

Okay, I thought it was pathetic that a GOP endorsed PAC was pushing turf fields for the Lenape Regional District, now we have this little gem to add to the unbelievable gall of the Evesham Twp. Local School District. Before I give my commentary, I will show you what the Evesham Local School District sent out to parents via e-mail:

----- Original Message -----
From: Smith Jeanne
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 2:46 PM
Subject: Request for action on pending legislation
Hello everyone,
On the 8th of January, the state Senate is expected to continue its debate and vote on new legislation designed to reform the state's school systems and lower property taxes. The flyer below describes this process and invites you to voice your opinion to the key political leaders who are dealing with this legislation. Please read it and consider making a phone call or dropping an e-mail to attempt to effect an outcome that is beneficial to our children and our schools rather than the proposals presently on the table. Thank you.


On January 8th, the New Jersey legislature is preparing to vote on proposals they believe will reduce property taxes for New JerseyÂ’s homeowners.

These bills fail to address a major cause of high property taxes: inadequate state aid given to schools. Less than 22% of the Evesham Township School budget is state funded; the rest of the funds necessary to maintain our programs and services are borne by your local property taxes.

One of the bills currently being considered is:

A4/S10 – This bill will give county superintendents enhanced authority over local budgets and out-of district placements. This would undermine local citizens’ control of their public schools.

This bill would also require districts to consolidate elementary-only district and secondary-only districts into kindergarten through twelfth grade school systems throughout the State. If this law is passed, for example, it could potentially combine all local elementary school districts in the Lenape Regional District to form one large K to 12 district. This would also happen across the state.

This bill would limit the ability of school districts to maintain, expand or create new programs that would benefit our students.

To let your voice be heard regarding pending legislation that may impact our schools, your childrens future and your rights for control of what is happening in your community, please contact your legislators before January 8, 2007 when they reconvene.

Please call or email your legislators:

Senator Richard Codey
Assemblyman Larry Chatzidakis
Assemblyman Herbert Conaway, Jr.
Assemblyman Francis Bodine
Assemblyman Jack Connors
Assemblyman Joseph Roberts

You can also send your comments to: or fax them to (609) 777-2077
(Sample wording for call or e-mail): Hello Senator or Assemblyman ________
I am a parent from the Evesham Township School District. I am calling to voice my opinion on bill A4 / S10. (I urge you to not support this or any other bill that would hurt my child(ren) or school district). Instead, please focus your efforts on developing a new funding formula for public education that is fair, equitable to all districts, and fully funded.
(You may also want to leave your name and phone number)
Jeanne R. Smith
Public Information Officer
Evesham Township School District
856-983-1800 x 5030
856-983-2939 (Fax)

I won't bore you with the 84 page bill, S10/A4, but here it is if you would like to read it:

Here is the Leglislatures Synopsis:
SENATE, No. 10

I am torked that a school district would direct anyone to vote for or against something, especially if the school district has a vested interest in this not happening.

Why is the school worried? Maybe redundant jobs will be eliminated ie: Principals, Vice Principal, Superintendents etc. That is a good thing for the tax payers.

Making the fire budget elections move to Nov. is an outstanding idea. Does everyone know that the fire election is held in February now? No, would probably be the answer. Budget increases to the current budget aren't exactly announced to the tax payer, let alone the February voting date.

Yeah, I'm furious that the Government wants to "encourage the financial accountability of local units of government through empowering citizens, reducing waste and duplicative services, clearing legal hurdles to shared services and consolidation, and supplementing, amending, and repealing sections of statutory law." They should all be flogged!

Seriously now, I have a huge issue with Ms. Smith, under the direction of the school Administration and if this is not the case, she should, at the very least be reprimanded for directing parents on how to think and feel, especially for going as far as including "sample wording". The use of school computers on school time, to urge parents to lobby their legislators to vote down something that will ultimately help tax payers in the long run is just wrong!
A recall of the first e-mail was sent out and here it is:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Smith Jeanne" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 12:26
Subject: Recall:
Request for action on pending legislation Smith Jeanne would like to recall the message, "Request for action on pending legislation".

Sorry folks, the damage was already done, sorry doesn't help after you kill a person. I will be contactig my legislators and showing my SUPPORT for the bill.

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